Drink Responsibly

At Wells Road Liquors, we take drinking responsibly very seriously. The page is designed to inform you about how to drink responsibly, as well as introduce some of the consequences of not drinking responsibly. We do not accept or tolerate underage drinking in any form. If you are drinking, do not drive.

Some Facts that you may not have known.

A DUI can cost thousands of dollars and much more including prison time and loss of license.

An Florida DUI (driving under the influence) or other alcohol related offense triggers two seperate actions: one in court (a criminal DUI action), and one at the Division of Motor Vehicles (an administrative DUI action).

First DUI Offense (Blood Alcohol Concentration .08 to .20)::

  • Jail- 50 hours of community service is required (or the fine may be increased by $10/hour not worked. Further, not more than 6 months may be ordered in custody, which may be served in a residential treatment facility.
  • Fines- A fine of not less than $250.00 nor more than $500.
  • School- A DUI program must be attended and completed before a hardship license may be issued.
  • Vehicle Impoundment for 10 days (Unless the vehicle is the sole manner of transportation for the family)

Additional Consequences: Mandatory license suspension for not less than one-hundred eighty (180) days after which a license reinstatement fee must be paid. The court ordered suspension is independent of any action taken by the DPSMV. However, any action by the DPSMV may run concurrent with the court suspension.


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